TIFFUTIL Revision History

This page documents the revisions made to the TIFFUTIL. Please consult it to determine if you are running the current version and to see what fixes/enhancements have been made to the program.

Rev 2.08 10-21-2015

New Licensing

This version has the new Flex node locked licensing.

Rev 2.06 09-3-2015

Bug with LZW TIFF files

Bug fixes for LZW compressed TIFF files. For certain multi-row per stripe files with nonzero predictor value, proper reinitialization of row data was not being performed. This has been corrected with this release.

64 Bit for large file support

64 bit versions of the core engines and their supporting DLLs have been included with this release. This includes:

The shell will pick the 64 bit version on the appropriate platform.
The largest advantage is support for large uncompressed data.

TIFFUTIL V2.04 06/25/2015

Software Updates

This version is up to date with the latest TIFF reader, it uses Microsoft Windows VS 2008 build, and uses the latest install shield.

TIFFUTIL V1.51 06/1/2012

New Sliver Option

Added a -max_allowed_size (sliver) option to remove the slivers using boolean. The product number that enables this option is 5145.
Sliver is available to GDS and GBR output and will also create a RPT file that states the number of slivers found. You can use this feature to remove errors that are below a certain threshhold defined by the user.

TIFFUTIL V1.50 8/24/2011

Directory compare

Fixed logging issue where log file is output even if logging is not specified in the GUI and no comparison is done if the log file directory does not exist.
This is fixed by adding an option to disable logging from the engine. In the previous version, the log was just removed after the engine run. The log is sometimes not removed successfully and if the directory does not exist the comparison fails.

TIFFUTIL V1.49 7/21/2011

Directory compare

Added a TIFF/BMP directory comparison. User can select two directories to compare and the files with matching names in the two selected directories will be compared.

TIFFUTIL V1.46 10/9/2009

Default Directory and Files

When browsing for input Tiff files or output file name, the default starting directory will be the one used in the previous conversion.

TIFFUTIL V1.44 9/16/2009

Default Directory

When browsing for input Tiff files or output file name, Check if previous input files exist. If not, set the textfield blank.
Check if ouput file exists before translation. If it exists, issue a warning and ask permission to overwrite.

TIFFUTIL V1.43b 7/15/2009

Default File Type

The default file type for the second input file is the same as the file type of the first input file. Also, TiffCmp can now remember the file type used from the previous run.

TIFFUTIL V1.43a 7/10/2009

BMP File extension

The default extension for the second input file is the same as the extension of the first input file.

TIFFUTIL V1.43 7/2/2009

Gerber Output

Tiffcmp can now export Gerber RS274X output.

TIFFUTIL V1.32 6/12/2008

BMP file selection

Tiffcmp had issues in the open BMP file selection. This has been fixed.

TIFFUTIL V1.31 5/21/2008

First Release

First release of our TIFF&BMP utility tool. Other than the XOR operation (compare), TIFFUTIL can also perform other boolean operations between two files like AND, OR, and DIFF.

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