Netex-G Library Revision History

This page contains revision history for the NETEX-G library which is used by OEM partners who wish to tightly integrate NETEX-G functionality into their applications.

v1.13 9/19/2017

New version for Windows 64 and Linux 64

This version only supports 64 bit on Windows and Linux. 32 bit components were removed. It also includes support for MS VS 2015.

v1.12 5/25/2017

ODB Import Layer Groups

The sNETEXGLIB_IMPORT struture has a new field, "omitGroups", which is an array of integers where each element is a flag for a layer group. The constants in the "eImportGroup" set are defined in "ntxg_lib_const.h". Currently, only soldermask, silkscreen, components, and rout, are recognized.

This was implemented for a user who wanted to import the copper stackup only without having to enumerate the copper stackup layers.

Added Incremental Extractions Capability

The "extractions" field of type sNETEXGLIB_EXTRACTIONS was added to the sNETEXGLIB_OPTIONS structure. It contains the following data fields:

  fileInput       Name of file containing extraction requests
  keepIncrInfo    Tells library to keep incremental files for subsequent runs.
  useIncrInfo     Tells library to use incremental files for actual runs
  count           Reserved for internal use
  list            Reserved for internal use

The format of the extraction file is as follows:


Where each set has the following format

  [BASE_NAME <name>]

The <name> after BASE_NAME is the name of the file to use to generate output filenames. In its absence, the main output filename is used to that end.

[<NET_NAMES>] is in the following form:


Each <NM_M> is either a literal net name or a regular expression depicting one or more nets to be included. In the absence of this sub section, all nets are included.

[<WINDOW(S>] is in the following form:


Each <W_N> is either in the form of




Extractions may specify net names and or windows. The net name extractions has yet to fully completed.

v1.11 4/25/2017

New Argument to Library

The sNETEXGLIB_OPTIONS structure has a new field,"mgrArgs", which supports this. It is NULL by default, but if it points to a character buffer, whatever is in that buffer, is appended to the "netexgmgr" comand line.

Update to Sample Program

The sameple program now has added "-mgrargs [arg(s)]" argument

The [arg(s)] are all the arguments that follow "-mgrargs". those arguments are collected and passed into the library's new "mgrArg" option field as one string. This string is then appended to the end of the "netexgmgr" comand line.

v1.10 4/5/2017

Daisy chain licensing

The required output and import license(s) will be acquired and retained and will not be released until closing time.

Rounded Thermal Draws

The ODB++ importer was revised with respect to rounded thermal draws.

The new behavior interprets the gap region in the same way as does Valor's Genesis which measures where the arc, computed from the average of outer and inner diameters, intersects with round ends. The previous behavior computed the gap as the space between round ends.

v1.09 10/11/2017

Error and Warning File Formatting

Added missing newline characters to error and warning messages.

ODB++ Import Progress Display

By setting

pOptions -> preferences.advStgs.execDisplayMethod
to one of two modes


the progress of ODB++ importing is displayed. The default mode is NETEXGLIB_EXECDISPLAY_MULTIPLE. To prevent displaying this progress, the mode to use is NETEXGLIB_EXECDISPLAY_NONE.

Licensing Library Update

The flexlm licensing library was updated to v11.13.1.2 from v11.3.

Revised Sample Code
  1. Update usage to display correct executable name.

  2. Add "@<CMD_FILE>" argument to read command line arguments from <CMD_FILE>.

  3. Add "-snglnjbprg" argument to display NJB processing with a single dialog when "-silent" is not invoked.

  4. Corrected spelling of -usetatwin" to "-usestatwin" argument in usage display.

  5. Made usage display available to Linux.

v1.08 06/01/2016

Initialize Error Return Structure

No details provided by programmer.

Added "-usestatwin" argument to the Example Program

This is a windows argument invoking the use of a built in Windowss dialog box rather than the use of the newly added status3f32 program.

v1.08 05/09/2016

Added arguments to extraArgs sNETEXGLIB_OPTIONS Field

Error info structure return controls were added to this field:

-logerr2errinfo         Excludes log errors + respective header and command
                        lines in error info structure returns.

-maxerr2errinfo:<val>   Specify maximum <val> errors in error info
                        structure returns. This is used in absence of -logerr2errinfo 
                        argument. Default is 100.

-logwrg2errinfo         Excludes log warnings + respective header and command
                        lines in error info structure returns.

-maxwrg2errinfo:<val>   Specify maximum <val> warnings in error info
                        structure returns. This is used in absence of -logwrg2errinfo 
                        argument. Default is 100.

-add_errlog_hdrcmdln    Adds respective header and command lines
                        from log errors in error info structure returns.
Fix Handling of Extract Section

The library was adding a duplicate of this section each time it was run. This has been fixed.

Error Log File Generation has been revised

The detail log token, <START_OF_NETEX-G>, is used to jump to the first program operation in the log file.

The detail log token, <END_OF_OPERATION>, is output upon encountering <END_OF_OPERATION> or <END_OF_PROGRAM_LOG> tokens

ODB++ Import Updated to support SIGNALLYR TYPE instead OF SIGNAL

No details provided by programmer

Added NetexGLib_GetFileName Function

This function, when passed a <file_type> constant will return a desired file name. The constant can be one of the following:

  cFileType_NJB      Netex-G Job File   Contains input information to
                                        execute Netex-G
  cFileType_ERRLOG   Error Log File     Contains brief summary of errors
                                        and warnings detected in Netex-G
  cFileType_PGMLOG   Program Log File   Contains General information about
                                        Netex-G execution
  cFileType_DETLOG   Detail Log File    Contains General information about
                                        Netex-G execution

v1.07 10/06/2015

Silent Mode is no Longer the Default

No details provided by the programmer.

Added options for DXF and GDSII Output

(1) commponentLibraries

(2) disableNameFix (GDSII only)

(3) flatten

(4) padMetalFilter

(5) threeDExtrusions (DXF only)

Added "-errlog:<file> AND "-wrgtoerrlog" ARGS TO "extraArgs" OPTIONS

No details provided by programmer

Added NETSPECIFICPLUS mode TO "import | autoLayerSelect" Options Mode

This mode allows adding other layers to the netspecific set through the use of "import | layerList" and "import | layerListCount" options.

v1.05 08/14/2015


This section currently includes all nets but will later be used to specify a subnet of nets selected.

Fixed "LoadNetexgLibrary" Error Messages

No details provided by programmer

v1.04 07/20/2015

Force ODB IMPORT output to all be in working directory

v1.04 03/12/2015

Remove Short Filename Execution Calls

No Details provided

Bug Fix for OEM Key File Path with spaces ...

programmer'r notes: The argument "-acsp:<oemkeyfile>" was passed to netexgmgr executable without having been quoted. This has now been fixed.


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