Gerber compare in script

In some cases a user may want to create a batch file to compare many files over night.
Gerber Util allows you to do so and the example below will illustrate that.


The first step is to create a few directories where the input files and output files will be stored.
We recommend to create two input directories with the files you want to compare and one output directory for the output compare files.

For this example, we will create two input directories called in1 and in2 and an output directory called t.

Batch file

The batch file itself consists of two lines as you can see below.

C:\WCAD\GBRVU\274xormgr.exe C:\Temp\in1\icsxseed.gbr C:\Temp\in2\icsx_mod.gbr C:\Temp\t\3_xor.gbr -work C:\Temp\t -keep -title XORing... -jobnum 1,1 -log C:\Temp\t\gbrutil_errors.log -silent -singledlg -arcres 9.000000 -arcsag 0.000000 -engargs -maxpts:4000 -sliver:0 -bop:x

C:\WCAD\GBRVU\wrunbat.exe C:\Temp\t\gbrutil_work$0\xor.bat -stopfile:C:\Temp\t\$274xor_stoprun.$$$ -wdir:C:\Temp\t\gbrutil_work$0

The first command line defines the first input file name icsxseed.gbr and the file we are comparing it to icsx_mod.gbr, and finally the output Gerber file (the result of the compare) 3_xor.gbr
The second command executes the comparison, and removes temp files.

You can create as many comparisons as you want in your batch file. Make sure the files exist in the directories specified to avoid problems during the batch process.

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