Edge Rasterizer
High Speed Inkjet Rasterizer for Electronic Printing
Window Settings
There are several ways to define the clipping window for the input data.
Use Data Extents
If this option is selected, the program will compute the extents of the input Gerber file and produce a bitmap that exactly matches those extents.

If this option is selected focus is passed back to GBRVU when the Set Window Selection(s) button is pressed. Once focus is returned to GBRVU the user can define the window size with the mouse, accept the selection and return focus to the Edge Rasterizer.

The check box, Remember windows during session saves your window selection so that if you run the Edge rasterizer over and over you do not need to redefine the raster window each time (but if you close GBRVU you will have to redefine the raster window)

Specify Window (minx,miny,maxx,maxy)
If this option is selected, the user defines the input window by entering the lower left and upper right coordinates of the clipping box. Note that the coordinates are specified in the units selected for parameters even though the units of the input file may not be the same!