Edge Rasterizer
High Speed Inkjet Rasterizer for Electronic Printing
Using GBRVU to Select a Window to Process
When using the Edge Rasterizer in a diagnostic mode (typically to adjust the drop size, pitch and other parameters) it can be very helpful to process only a small window of data in order to get fast results. Such a window can be specified manually but it is often easier to use the GBRVU program to zoom in on a region and specify the window in that fashion.
To use GBRVU for defining a window click on the click on Use Window Selections radio button and then click on the Set Windows Selection button from the Edge Rasterizer dialog:
GBRVU will then display the Gerber file you have already loaded:
Use the Ctrl + key combination along with the center mouse button to pan and zoom into a region of interest as shown below:
Make sure that the window is set to square and the mode is the arrow mode (i.e. select). Then use the cursor to drag a box around the region you wish to rasterize.

Once defined, click on the Finish button (the Flag icon) and the window you defined will be passed back to the edge rasterizer.