QisBool Library Header

What's in the Windows Release

The snapshot below shows what files and directories are found after installing the Windows64 version of QISLIB/QISBOOL. Both libraries are packaged together but licensed separately.


If you are using just QISLib then the sample code which applies is found in the directory TiffExtractSampleCode.

If you are using just QISBool then the sample code which applies is found in the QISBoolSampleCode directory.

What's in the Linux Release

We show the various files and directories for the Linux Release of QisBool below:

INSTALL                                 the installation script

artwork                                 folder containing executable
          libqisbool64.so               the qisbool shared object
          liseater                      license utility
          version.txt                   version of library/program

documentation                           folder containing documentation
          qisboolconsole.readme.txt     console command line reference
          qisbool.htm                   QisBool API Reference

examples                                folder containing example file
          cmd.txt                       command list           
          demo5f.gds                    sample GDSII file 
          qisbool.demo                  script

include                                 folder containing library header files
          qisbool.h                     header file for qisbool library


tools                                   folder containing installation and licensing tools
          flexlm                        folder containing 32/64 bit versions of flexlm
          hostinfo                      utility for getting machine's hostid (legacy)
          KEYINSTALL                    script for helping install license codes
          sysmem                        utility for reporting system memory
          unzip                         unzip program for unpacking the distribution

qisbool.e4_64+.linux.v100.zip           libraries and files (zipped w. password)

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