Release Contents

The bitmap acquisition software is separated into two releases: one for the client side and one for the server side.

The Client Side

The software on the client side would normally be installed on each engineer's desktop or laptop together with a .NET application. We have written a very simple command line based .NET application that shows how one would integrate with the Artwork layout viewer.

Under the default installation directory: C:\WCAD\BitmapAcquisitionClient one finds the following files and directories:

  acs.key                           license file
  acsbool64.dll                     boolean library
  bitmapspeccom.dll                 .NET Library interfacing between client .NET app and Qckvu3/plugin
  bitmapspeccom.xml                 provides .NET API documentation for the library
  clientTestApp.exe                 Sample .NET app used to demonstrate how to pass GDSII and clip data
  colfill.pat                       color pattern file for Qckvu3 layout viewer
  CoreLib.dll                       Qckvu3 library
  flexlm.lic                        license file (for local node locked licenses)
  gdsfont.shx                       font file for viewer                       default map file for viewer
  GUILib.dll                        Qckvu3 library
  qckerror.h                        header file for plug-in development 
  qckplugin.h                       header file for plug-in development
  qckpluginw.dll                    Qckvu3 plug in manager                 
  qckpluginw.lib                    library for plug-in development
  Qckvu.exe                         executable for the Qckvu3 viewer
  qckvu3_manual.pdf                 qckvu3 user manual (PDF)
  revision.txt                      revision history for Qckvu3
  version.txt                       package version
  zlibwapi.dll                      compression/decompression library

             bitmapSpecPlg64.dll    plug-in library for acquiring clip information

   SOURCE                           source code and project files to build the C# test client
      clientTestApp.csproj          C-Sharp project file for the sample .NET application 
      clientTestApp.sln             C-Sharp solution file   
      Program.cs                    C-Sharp program source code
           AssemblyInfo.cs          resource file

           bitmapspeccom.dll        interface library
           bitmapspeccom.xml        documentation (API) for interface library

        demo5.gds                   GDSII sample file
        demo_bsm.bat                sample batch file for test client

The Server Side

The server side release includes the Artwork rasterizer and the interface library so that the rasterizer can be controlled from a .NET application.

  acs.key                           license file (generated during installation)
  acsbool64.dll                     Artwork's Boolean library
  bitmapgencom.dll                  .NET interface library
  bitmapgencom.xml                  Documentation for .NET library
  colfill.pat                       color pattern file
  flexlm.lic                        license file (for node locked installations)
  gdsfont.shx                       font file
  NextGenRaster64.dll               Artwork's rasterizer library
  serverTestApp.exe                 .NET sample test application
  version.txt                       release version
  zlibwapi.dll                      compression/decompression library

      demo5.gds                     sample GDSII file
      demo_bgm.bat                  sample batch file
      demo_cmd.txt                  input file for sample

   SOURCE                           source code and project files to build the C# test client
      performanceutil.cs             source code for measuring execution times
      Program.cs                     source code for sample .NET application
      serverTestApp.csproj           project file for sample .NET application
      serverTestApp.sln              solutions file for sample .NET application
           AssemblyInfo.cs           resource file

           bitmapgencom.dll           .NET interface library
           bitmapgencom.xml           .NET API documentation

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