Qckvu3 Prolith Msk Extractor Plug-in.

PROLITH Mask Extractor - Installation Notes

Describes basic installation information for the PROLITH Mask Extractor


The plug in code is installed under the plugins directory. The install hierarchy for Qckvu3 is shown below:

                      [qckvu3 install dir]
      |             |                 |              |
    [bin]        [tools]          [examples]     [zip images]
      +--executables and library files ...
           |         |             |              |   
      [plugin1]   [plugin2]    [plugin3]    [prolith_plugin]
                                                  +-- libprolith64.so
                                                  +-- aschelp.sh
                                                  + -- prolith_dialog.htm

The name of the directory where the prolith plug-in library is located is not fixed; Qckvu3 scans all directorys found in the plugins directory and looks inside each one for a shared library.


The Prolith Library is licensed - which means the user must have installed license strings that enable it to execute. However the plug-in gets the license via Qckvu3 -- not directly. This means that the plug-in license strings must be located in the same place as Qckvu3's license strings are located.

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