Qckvu for PROLITH Revision History

This page summarizes changes made to the Qckvu-PROLITH mask extraction product. For a full review of Qckvu revisions go to the Qckvu data sheet revision page.

Qckvu for PROLITH v2.30 (9/16/2003)

MAJOR Speed Up In Scanning and Loading

This version has speed up for files with lots of structures and/or structure references, especially when many of the structure names are similar.
For a file with 1 million structures, the scanning plus loading time could be down to 3 minutes from 12 hours!

Structure Dialog

If the GDSII file has more than 5000 structures, older versions would ask if you want to show the child structure list. This has been suppressed and the program would automatically show as much as possible in a reasonable amount of time (10-60 seconds). A warning message would pop up if not all the structures are listed in the dialog. This also applies when expanding a structure tree in the dialog. A structure name can still be entered as the View Structure to the dialog even if it is not listed in the dialog. This only affects the listing of the structure name in the dialog, the data is not dropped from drawing or any other functionalities.

NEW! - Export Structure Names and Hierarchy

In the structure dialog, when there are too many structures, some might not be listed. To get a complete list of structure names or a complete tree hierarchy for a specified structure name, use the Export function to output it to a text file.
3 kinds of output are added, output a list of top and child structure names, output the immediate children of a specified structure as entered in the View Structure edit box, or the full tree hierarchy all the way deep of the specified structure.

FlexLM Daemon

The FlexLM daemon, artwork, is included in the tools/flexlm directory for the UNIX/Linux versions.

Qckvu for PROLITH v2.17 (6/12/2003)

MEBES Extraction Added

Qckvu can now extract MEBES data to PROLITH mask format. When both GDSII and MEBES files are simultaneously opened and their units differ, the unit shown on the lower right of the status bar is used (units of the first file opened). Such a case is not anticipated.

Use Mouse to select clipping Window

The ability to specify the mask window using the mouse has been added. Click "Use Mouse To Specify Coordinates" to enter this mode; then window an area to get the coordinates; the mode will switch back to the original zoom mode.

  Set PROLITH Clip Coordinates Precision

The clip coordinates are now displayed in nanometers and respect the resolution of the source GDSII or MEBES file. For example, for a GDSII file whose units are um whose grid is set to 0.001 um, 5.123 um is now displayed as 5123.000 nm.  Previously additional precision such as 5123.456 was displayed when in fact the extra precision was not real.

GDSII Paths with Zero Width

GDSII paths with zero width will not output to the PROLITH mask file.

FLEXLM Host ID and Disk Volume S/N Licensing

This version now supports these 2 new licensing schemes and does not require installation of the flexlm license manager.

Help Contents

Older versions might not show some of the help topics.  This has been fixed.

Version 2.13 April 21, 2003

First Release

The first release of Qckvu with a PROLITH mask extraction function.

No MEBES Support

Windows Platform only

Single Layer Only

Version 2.14 April 23, 2003

Mask File Syntax Fix

The output syntax for the polygons was changed to eliminate a space between the Polygon keyword and the opening parenthesis of the coordinates due to the PROLITH parser.

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