Info on Qckvu for PROLITH Evaluation License

Qckvu for PROLITH uses the Flexlm licensing system. For evaluations or for laptop computers it is no longer necessary to install the Flexlm license server. Instead, we can issue a license that is locked to the machine's ethernet card or to the disk volume serial number.

Determing Your Computer's ID

To get your computer's ID you should download the utilities provided by Globetrotter and the run the program called v8_lmtools.exe. A screen will pop open. Make sure you have selected the tab called System Settings.

Laptop User?

If you are a laptop user, you should first disconnect from the network and reboot your machine prior to running the v8_lmtools.exe utility. Some laptops are configured in a way that reports a different or additional ethernet address when connected into the network than when not connected. By disconnecting and rebooting, you will provide us an ethernet address that is valid both when connected and disconnected from the network.

lmtools System Settings displays your machine's ethernet address and disk ID.

Once you have run the v8_lmtools.exe you should save the Hostid info to a text file using the button provided for that purpose. Then attach it to your email:

save the Hostid Info to a file and email it to KLA-Tencor

Sending the Right Info with your Request

To: Cynthia Johnson of KLA-Tencor Sales Operations

From: Joe Litho

Re: Evaluation Request for Qckvu for PROLITH

Please send me an evaluation license for Qckvu for PROLITH
on Windows 2000. My computer's id information 
as generated by v8_lmtools is attached to this email.

Thank you,

Joe Litho

attachment: machine_id.txt

Getting Your License File

You will receive an email back with an attached file containing your evaluation key strings. The file is normally called flexlm.lic

Typical contents of flexlm.lic

FEATURE ACS532O artwork 1.0 15-sep-2003 uncounted HOSTID=00036d1f32b3 \
SIGN="00CA A922 5F0D 9991 63DC 0AFC 1B7D 4700 D26B 3042 8675 \
023F 722C FD44 4EB5"


ACS5320                 is the product ID for Qckvu for PROLITH
15-sep-2003             is the license expiration date
HOSTID=00036d1f32b3     is the ethernet address of the computer.

Installing Qckvu for PROLITH

  1. Double click on installation executable to start the InstallShield installation.

  2. Type in the install password. If you have done this correctly the NEXT button will go from inactive to active. You can then click on it to advance to the next step.

  3. When you are prompted for licensing type select Node Locked License (FLEXlm).

  4. You should now either paste in the license strings or use the Browse button to select the license file that has already been emailed to you. Then click FINISH. Details

  5. When you click FINISH the install program will check the validity of the license strings. If the Qckvu application is successfully licensed you will get a dialog box that says so. If there is a problem then a different dialog box will open that indicates you were not successful. In that case contact Artwork's Technical Support center. Tel: 831 426-6163

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