MEBES Viewing Option

MBSVU supports all versions of MEBES from I, II, III, IV and V. It also supports the MEBES job deck enabling one to view a complete wafers assembled from multiple MEBES files.


You can overlay MEBES data and GDSII data. But because MEBES files are often generated at scale, we added the ability to scale the MEBES data, rotate it and even mirror it so that the two files are sure to mesh.

The drawing above shows a complete mask. The job deck contained three MEBES files: the main data, a mask outline and a set of fiducials.

In this view we selected just the fiducial file and zoomed in on one of the alignment targets.


MBSVU supports viewing of multiple MEBES files -- either loaded manually or from a job deck.

The View Mode allows the user to choose from Outline, Solid, or Full viewing options for added control and quicker displays.

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