A Batch File for Plotting Stream Files to TIFF

by Steve DiBartolomeo and Hagai Pettel
December 23, 2003

V. The Plotting Script

Once all of the resource files have been created (or in the case of Windows, the registry values for plot.cfg have been setup) the script to run GDPSLOT can be completed. A sample script is shown below. There are no returns in the script line (they are just shown that way to fit on the page.)

Windows Style Batch File


       "demo5_out.gds"  "demo5.cfg"  "demo5.map" 

             "TOP" "-pat:C:\WCAD\Gdsplot\colfill.pat" 

                    -RAM10 -a2

Here is a breakdown of the command line arguments.

"C:\WCAD\GDSPLOT\gdsplt.exe"      - GDSPLOT plotting engine using the full path. Quotes are
                                    needed if the path contains spaces.

demo5_out.gds                     - input file to GDSPLOT.

demo5.cfg                         - gdsplot configuration plot that lists layers to plot, scale
                                    factor and plot window.

demo5.map                         - color map file that lists each layer and the associated fill
                                    pattern, outline color and outline type.

TOP                               - name of the TOP level structure to plot

-pat:C:\WCAD\Gdsplot\colfill.pat  - directive where the colfill.pat file can be found. (Why is this
                                    in plot.cfg also?)

-RAM10                            - use 10 MB of RAM for GDSII data. (Why is this in plot.cfg also?)

-a2                               - use Array mode 2 to fully plot arrays (Why is this in plot.cfg)

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