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GDS_RIP Revision History

Version 1.54 11/18/14

Path Issue

Fixed missing lines issue reported by SVG. This was fixed by adding the option "-pap" to gds2tiff_qwin.exe (get path as path data), and by fixing the path to boundary conversion before rip.

Version 1.53 1/28/14


Added USB key support.

Version 1.52 7/24/13

QISLIB based

The latest GDS_RIP uses qislib engine. Better speed and memory usage.

SVG Version 1.52a 9/6/13

VC redistributables

VC redistributables is included in the installation packages.

Version 1.40 5/27/08

Uncompressed TIFF

Gds2Tiff can now generate uncompressed TIFF images. To generate output images as uncompressed TIFF (default format is compressed TIFF), specify +tiff at Gds2Tiff command line.

Output file location

On Windows (32 and 64 bit), output files are directly generated in the working directory. Previously, they were being generated in the program directory and then moved to the working directory.

Version 1.39 4/10/08

GUI Update on Windows

The Gds2Tiff graphical user interface for Windows (32 and 64 bit) displays the actual program name and path in the command-line.

Version 1.38 3/7/08

Blank Space issue

This version fixes the blank space issue as reported by Samsung. This problem was platform specific, i.e. promotion of (int) to (long long) in the computation of addresses that exceeded 2^32 bytes did not occur as expected. This problem was fixed by explicit type casting - this was not an algorithmic change.

Exception handing was improved, especially in the context of licensing - user controlled interruption of GDS2TIFF would not always return the license.

The total image field was incorrectly computed when sub-bands were specified via the -bitmap_clip_dim:N.M command line option. This has now been fixed. Now when the command line option -bitmap_clip_dim:N.M is specified the total image field will be a multiple of the sub-band image size. This is also true for when the -bitmap_clip_dim:N command line option is used in conjunction with horizontal or vertical banding when N is respectively the height and width of the band in pixels.

Finally, all the combinations of the following command line options now work correctly:
-top_edge_golden (default)
-left_edge_golden (default)

Version 1.37 2/19/08

Fix for -complememt option

This release fixes a problem with the -complement option associated with the BMP output.
There was an integer overflow in one of the formatter's internal variables which resulted in failure of the complement operation (-complement) for resolution higher then a certain value. The Fix: The variable type was extended to hold a 64bit value.

Version 1.36 2/1/08

New Feature: BMP Output Added

This release adds Microsoft BMP support. BMP output is enabled in GDS2TIFF with the “-bmp” and “+bmp” command line options. The “+bmp” command line option supports BMP output with a “negative” height value in the header.

New Feature: Vertical Banding

The “-vertical” command line option has been added to facilitate rasterization in the vertical direction. Previously only horizontal banding was possible.

SubBanding Parameter Added

The “-bitmap_clip_dim” command line option has been implemented to support sub-banding with the important restriction that all horizontal sub-band dimensions must be a multiple of 8.

Version 1.35 1/10/08

Bug Fix - Names with Spaces

Input file names with spaces (Windows) were not supported correctly. This has been fixed.

gds_rip usage on UNIX

Gds2Tiff shows usage information with -h command line option.

Version 1.31 2/20/07

Extents Information.

The extents information obtained by GdsRip_QueryGdsDataExtents and GdsRip_DoDryRun are same --even when text information is present on the edge of the structure in question. These extents calculations ignore text entities.

Floating Point Round Off

GDS_RIP had an issue with floating point numbers ( -1.9999999 instead of -2.0 ). We conducted some experiments and observed that the storage and representation of floating point numbers is specific to the platform and compiler used.
Code has been added to ensure that the data returned is consistent between DoDryRun and QueryGdsDataExtents.

New Function memprintb

Added a function called memprintb [gdsriplib.h] which will allow the user to print the contents of any data in binary format. Please refer to gds2tiff.cpp [ line 455 ] for sample usage.

Version 1.30 2/5/07

Extent lock to nearest pixel grid.

This version supports extent locking to the nearest whole pixel grid. Now GDS_RIP will only provide output to the nearest whole pixel grid. There is no way to defeat this.

New overloaded functionsin GDS_RIP.

Two new overloaded functions have been added:

int GdsRip_QueryGdsDataExtents(
   const char* GdsFileName, const char* StructureName,
   double& x1,double& y1,double& x2,double& y2,
   const int imageGridType, const double imageGridValue);

int GdsRip_QueryGdsDataExtents(
   const char* GdsFileName, const char* StructureName,
   int layer_cnt,int* layer_list,
   double& x1,double& y1,double& x2,double& y2,
   const int imageGridType, const double imageGridValue);

where imageGridType should be one of the following:


which indicates the units of imageGridValue.

Please refer to gdsriplib.h included in the package.

The DoDryRun function

int GdsRip_DoDryRun
    (char** ArgList, CGRImageDesc& RipInfo);

now returns data extents to the nearest whole pixel grid in the RipInfo member elements m_ImageUserExtents[4] whose elements correspond to Xlo,ylo,xhi,yhi. The class is provide here:

class _EXPORT_SPEC CGRImageDesc
   int m_ImageHeight;   //Band height in pixels
   int m_ImageWidth;    //Band width in pixels
   int m_BandNumber;    //Band sequence number
   int m_RowAdjust;
   int m_Scanlines;
   double m_ImageUserExtents[4];



   /*Copy one object to another*/
   int Copy(const CGRImageDesc& SourceObj);

Version 1.28 12/17/06

Not being able to invoke Query function.

This version fixes the problem of not being able to invoke a "Query" after a "DryRun". This has been fixed. You may make calls to GdsRip_ReInitLib() anytime, but especially after calls to GdsRip_ExitRip().

Version 1.25 12/06/06

Concurrent runs of gds_rip

This version fixes the problem of concurrent gds_rip runs.

Version 1.24 11/24/06

Disable Flexlm floating mode

This version no longer supports FLEXLM licensing for .SO's and the .DYN versions of GDSRIP and GDS2TIFF, as per your request. This means that only nodelocked/hostid licensing is supported.

Version 1.22 10/14/06

Process Error in GDSRIP

A bug in the GDS2TIFF wrapper was detected and fixed. It didn't represent any changes in the core code including the rasterizer.

Version 1.21 10/10/06

Path Width extent calculation

There was a bug in the extents calculation when path with width existed at the corners of the GDSII file. This had been fixed.

Version 1.20 08/27/06

Path Width extent calculation

There was a bug in the extents calculation when path with width existed at the corners of the GDSII file. This had been fixed.

Speed improvements Vs. version 1.13

On the average GDS2TIFF v1.20 is 3x faster than v1.13 and GDSRIP is more than 4x faster..

Version 1.09 03/30/06

Memory Corruption Fixed

A memory corruption bug was detected and fixed.

Version 1.07 03/19/06

Data Transformation Added

This version adds transformations: X and Y mirroring, rotation in increments of 90 degrees, scaling (independent X and Y) and polarity reversal.

Version 1.06 03/19/06

Exception Fix

corrects an exception reported by user during testing of GDSRIP.

Version 1.04 02/22/06

New Red Hat 4 Release

gdsriblib compiled with RH4 libraries released. New benchmark timing on RH4 released.

Version 1.03 02/16/06

Memory Leak Fixed

Fixed a memory leak that would cause the library to run out of memory during large runs.

Version 1.02 02/12/06

Update Release Package

Includes a separate release for Red Hat Enterprise 4 64 bit edition due to change in supporting libraries.

Version 1.01 02/06/06

Update Release Package

The release package has been updated to include gds2tiff sample application.

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