Revision History

Version 1.13 2/16/2017

Flexlm Handshake Problem Fixed

This version updates the license module in one of the DRC's modules; it was not correctly "talking" to our latest revision to 11.13 of flexlm.

This page summarizes changes, fixes and enhancements to Artwork's Lightweight DRC Program.

Version 1.12 7/28/2016

Win64 bit

x64 builds/packages added.

Bug fix

Handle polygons with cutlines correctly.

Version 1.11a 7/28/2015

Plug-in Only

A conflict with other installed Qckvu3 plugins regarding resources was corrected.

Version 1.11 6/3/2015

Bug Fix Spacing DRC

Customer (Deca) Reported getting DRC spacing errors of 0 um when in fact the gap was approximately 14.9 um. This has been fixed.

Version 1.10 3/13/2015

Added 3 New DRC Tests

VIA1 Pitch and Opening Size
Intended for via layers. Counts number of openings, computes the minimum pitch and the minimum opening size.

VIA2 Opening Size
Counts openings and reports on the number of non-truncated openings. Any opening with less than 50% of the average opening area is considered truncated.

Effective Capture Pad Size
Requires as input a parent layer (the layer containing the geometry that "captures" the pad) and a child layer (the layer containing the opening pad or captured pad.) Computes the "effective" size of the capture by analyzing the amount of material surrounding each pad to be captured.

Version 1.09 4/5/2014


Excludes outer boundary for enclosure checks.
Crash with long path names fixed.

Version 1.08 4/1/2014


Report includes DRC names.
Only report the minimum values within the precision value specified when min values are found.
Crash with long path names fixed.

Version 1.07 12/11/2013

Bug fixes

Fix to handle spaces in the pathname.
Fix for min line width DRC test.

Version 1.05 11/11/2013

Improved performance

Speed of spacing rule was improved by about 10x.

Version 1.04 11/1/2013

New -prec:val command line

New option -prec:val was added to allow a specific precision value you want to use.

Version 1.02 10/07/2013

Bug Fixes to Engine

Corrected DRC engine which reported no violations when known violations were present

Version 1.01 09/25/2013


Modified licensing; only requires a single license feature to run all libraries

Version 1.00 09/13/2013

Intial Release

Initial release of the Lightweight DRC plug-in.

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