Layer and Data Type Discrimination

While AutoCAD uses the concept of layer "names" to segregate data, GDSII has layer numbers. However GDSII has a second property which is equivalent to layers called "datatype." Datatype can be assigned to any entity for the designer's purpose. For example, he might want to mark some entities that share a common layer as dummy fill elements by assigning them a special datatype.

Artwork has added data type discrimination to our Linux command line engine (as of version 6.73 August 30, 2014) through this feature is not accessible via the GUI.

The range of layer and datatype integers are: 0-64,000. However one should first know the limitations of the target system before assigning high values of layer and datatype as the original GDSII spec allowed only a ranage of 0-63.

How it Works

Layer Mapping is controlled in the configuration file (by default called gds.cfg but it can have any name referenced from the command line.) The Layer arguments now suport datatype as shown.
0 0
THIRD 5 -8
OTHER 10:1 1

Column 1 - AutoCAD (DXF) Layer name. (AutoCAD always has a layer 0)

Column 2 - GDSII layer number or layer number:data type. If only a layer number is supplied then all entities of that layer number are processed regardless of datatype.

Column 3 - AutoCAD Layer Color number. In the GDSII to AutoCAD direction, this will be the color assigned to the AutoCAD layer name. NEW - if the color number is negative this will be understood that the DXF target layer should be invisible.

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