Users of L-Edit can now get large format color plots directly from within L-Edit by purchasing Artwork Conversions PLOT UPI. We've taken our powerful GDSPLOT on Windows NT and integrated into L-Edit 6.6 (and later versions of course) so that you can plot without ever leaving the L-edit layout window.

Once you've installed UPI PLOT, you can plot directly from within LEDIT by clicking on Special | PLOT1. A plotting dialog box will pop open as seen at right.

Program Tour

To see how PLOT UPI helps you create large color plots directly from within LEDIT just click on the various topics. You'll be taken step by step through the process.

The Macro Pull Down

The Main Plotting Dialog Box


Plotter and Page Size Setup

Layer Fills and Colors

Plot View | Cell | Window

Optimized Color and Fill Patterns

Download Software Revision History

PLOT UPI and the associated documentation can be downloaded by jumping to this page.

The PLOT UPI's revision history page can be accessed from here.

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