Users of L-Edit can now read and write AutoCAD's DXF file format without leaving the program with Artwork Conversions DXF UPI.

Once you've installed UPI DXF, you import or export DXF directly from within LEDIT by clicking on Special / Import DXF or Export DXF.

Program Tour
To see how the DXF UPI helps you read and write DXF from within LEDIT just click on the various topics. You'll be taken step by step through the process.

Exporting a DXF File

Importing a DXF File

The Macro Pull Down

Configuring DXF Export

Selecting the DXF File Name

Layer Selection and Mapping

Loading your DXF File into AutoCAD

The Macro Pulldown

Configuring the DXF Import

Selecting the DXF File

Layer Selection and Mapping

Instancing the New Cell into L-Edit

Download Software Revision History
DXF UPI and the associated documentation can be downloaded by jumping to this page. The DXF UPI's revision history page can be accessed from here.

PDF Data Sheet Pricing
View or print the data sheet in PDF format
dxfupi.pdf [131K 4 pages....]
The price list has details on pricing, ordering, and upgrade pricing for those with existing ASM 3500 licenses....

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