Artwork daemon won't start due to samsuite date limitation

Samsuite is a software supplied by MacroVision (makers of Flexlm license manager) which enables easy interface to the lmgrd license manager.
We found that it has a date limitation... If you supply your clients codes that expire after 2030, it would report that codes are incorrect and exit without starting the license manager.

 8:44:01 (artwork) Warning: ACS352O expires 01-aug-2038
 8:44:01 (artwork) Warning: ACSIO35 expires 01-aug-2038
 8:44:01 (artwork) License server system started on sune250a
 8:44:01 (artwork) No features to serve, exiting
 8:44:01 (artwork) EXITING DUE TO SIGNAL 38
 8:44:01 (lmgrd) artwork exited with status 38 (No features to serve)
 8:44:01 (lmgrd) artwork daemon found no features.  Please correct
 8:44:01 (lmgrd) license file and re-start daemons.

The solution is to generate codes that expire before 2030.

It looks like Macrovision is on their way to fix this issue. Macrovision is retiring its suite of SAM products (SAMsuite, SAMreport, SAMalarm and FLEXadmin) after December 31, 2007.
Macrovision’s FLEXnet Manager will replace and extend the capabilities of the SAM product family.

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