Ubuntu 14.04.1 error: ioctl failed: No such device

A client tried to install our latest Qckvu3 and QISLIB on Ubuntu 14.04.1. When trying to get the hostid of the system, he experienced the following error:

bash: ./hostinfo: No such file or directory
The error occured because the new workstation was missing the 32-bit subsystem (ia32-lib, libx11-dev and libxt-dev). The client had to install the 32-bit subsystem as well as the legacy system libraries (X, Xt etc.)
The command you can use to find out what libraries are needed for QISLIB is:
ldd libqis*.so

After doing that, the client was able to run the hostinfo utility and get an output but there was still an error message:

ioctl failed: No such device
We found that the network interface got renamed to eth3, eth4, and eth5, instead of eth0, eth1, etc. The network worked fine, but hostinfo failed.

To rename the network interface, you have to open the file
and modify the value in the NAME= field to be consistent with the configuration files in the /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/ folder (matching up the mac address with NAME eth0, eth1, etc).

The hostinfo started working properly after renaming the network interface back to the eth0, eth1 etc.

Note: For Flexlm based codes (nodelocked or floating), lmhostid will only works with eth0.

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