The Primary Operand

If you think of QckBool as a "black box operator" then the input or inputs to QckBool are called operands. Depending on the type of operation you are doing you may need a single operand (for unary operations) or two operands (for binary operations). This dialog is where you would select your first operand.

Your input data must include:

  • A GDSII Stream File

  • A structure within this file

  • A layer or layers of polygons

The GDSII file is selected using a standard Browse button. Once this file has been loaded and scanned you can select your structure by pressing on the Structure button. This will pop open a list box showing all of the structures in this GDSII file. Highlight one of them to select it.

Once the GDSII file and structure has been selected, click on the Layers... button in order to see a list of layers containing data. Highlight as many layers as you want to be processed.