Global Settings

This window controls some of the output options for QckBool.

global settings dialog
  • Working Directory set the directory where QckBool will write output by default and will place all temporary and intermediate files. Should be plenty of available space.

  • GDS Viewer Path the full path to the GDSII viewer so that it can be launched by QckBool. Use the browse button to find the gdsvu or qckvu executable.

  • Batch Mode a batch file is created (in your working directory) that can be run offline. Nothing executes when you press RunAll or RunCurrent

  • View Results when this option is checked and the job is complete, GDSVU will start up GDSVU and load the results automatically (i.e. without having to press the View Output button.)

  • View Differences this option only applies when running the XOR operation. It will load the output file and a VDF file which is essentially a list of window coordinates that is the bounding box of each difference. In this mode, GDSVU will jump to a difference each time the F3 function key is pressed. Very useful for checking two sets of polygons that may have tiny, almost invisible differences.

  • Verify Output In principle one should always get correct output and this function would not be needed. Some operations are susceptible to "numerical noise", for example, when taking the difference between large items that are very close, the boolean operation might general illegal (e.g. self intersecting) polygons. While this is a very rare occurence, checking this option has the program verify and repair any illegal polygons but does add additional processing time. Normally leave it off.