Cropping Out a Region

Very often the Gerber data for an entire board or panel is much more than we wish to deal with. GBRUnion can crop out a rectangular window while performing the union boolean operation.

To do this specify the data window in GBRUnion's dialog. One can specify the data window either by entering the desired coordinates or by using the cursor in the GBRVU display to select the area to keep.

  data window

Cropping a Single Circuit out of a Panelized Array

In the example below we have a 6 x 6 array of IC packages. We need to analyze this circuit but don't need the entire array. By zooming into one of the circuits in GBRVU and specifying a data window that includes only that circuit one can "extract" just the data for a single circuit.

a large array of circuits

The black outline shows the circuit to be cropped out.

Using GBRUnion's window dialog we specified a selection window of (43.76,2.7) to (57.2,17.7) which exactly grabs one circuit. The entire cropping/boolean process takes only 10-15 seconds on a fast PC. The results are shown below:

after cropping out a single circuit


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