Multi Layer Operation


Consider the case where you have an input GDSII file (say input.gds) with multiple layers (say 1,2,3,4,5). You wish to generate an output file (say output.gds) with the same layers but everything is now unionized and flattened in the output file.

  input.gds            output.gds
  TOP (hierarchy)    TOP (no hierarchy)
  Layers                Layers
    1                     1
    2                     2
    3                     3
    4                     4
    5                     5

Q. What is the correct bool32w syntax to do this?

A. You can separate layers/operations using semicolons as shown below:

boolw32f input.gds output.gds TOP 1;2;3;4;5 +1;+2;+3;+4;+5 +nclip:1,1 -union


input.gds             input gdsii stream file
output.gds            results file
TOP                   structure name of input file
1;2;3;4;5             list of output layers to create
+1;+2;+3;+4;+5        list of input layers. "+" indicates unionize data
+nclip:1,1            directs bool32w to subdivide problem into strips
-union                after the data in strips are calculated -union
                      has bool32w combine (or unionize) the strips

OR you can do it a bit easier by running the following:

boolw32f input.gds output.gds = = + +nclip:1,1 -union -topstr:=


input.gds             input gdsii stream file
output.gds            results file
=                     process the top cell in the input file
=                     process all layers in the file
+                     "+" indicates unionize data on layers selected
-topstr:=             create an output file with the same top cell name as input file.

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