Command Line Syntax

BoolCompare is actually a fairly complicated script that uses a combination of BoolQl, BoolMT and gdsfilt to produce the final results. The syntax below is input to the script.

boolcompare <gds_file> <gds_file>  [<options>]

where gds_file must not be absolute paths. If using two layers contained within
the same GDSII file, specify it both as primary and secondary.

options include:

    -layer[s] N,M...             include only the indicated layer[s] It is important to
                                 use this argument if your input file has many layers;
                                 this will reduce memory footprint and load time.

    -top CellName                use CellName as the root cell for XOR

    -top_primary CellName        include CellName from the primary source

    -top_secondary CellName      include CellName from the secondary source

    -window LLX,LLY,URX,URY      process only the specified window

    -job JobName                 create and perform XOR in folder named: work.JobName
                                 if not present, the default is work.xor

    -thrnum N                    limit boolean operations to N threads. If not specified
                                 the program will determine the number of cores and use
                                 that many concurrent threads.

    -prescale S                  increase input database precision by S
                                 S is a number greater or equal to 1. A typical value
                                 for S is 10.

    -newgrid G                   output grid is to be forced to G
                                 G is a number less than 1, e.g 0.001

    -sliver S                    drop features in XOR output less than S
                                 S is in user units

    -path                        do not use simple path model when
                                 converting paths to boundaries

    -view                        view output on completion; the environment
                                 variable $LAYOUT_VIEWER needs to be set

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