IC Plotting Service


Artwork Conversion Software offers an IC plotting service. Send us your GDSII data and we'll send you back a plot. The plots are in color and can be any size you specify. We turn around most jobs in 24 hours, unless you need to approve a sample for layer/color assignments in advance.

Our plotter is a 36 inch wide HP 1055C (max plottable width is 35"). For larger plots we can plot in strips. We use our own GDSPLOT software on a Linux machine to rasterize the data and send to the plotter.



What to Send Us

  • GDSII (zipped or gzipped)

  • Technology File (optional)

  • Structure/Cell to plot

  • layers to plot

  • layer color/fill assignments

  • page size or scale


    How to Send It

  • zip or gzip your file

  • send to ftp.artwork.com

  • place in pub/put_in_here dir

  • you will need a login & password

  • email sales@artwork.com for password



  • $20 per square foot of plot

  • Minimum 9 sq ft (3x3)

  • $50 additional for GDSII > 4 GB

  • Discounts for multiple copies

  • Discounts for large area plots > 36 sq ft.



  • Turn is typically 24 hours

  • Can deliver by FedEX overnight

  • Typical overnight is $25 in USA

  • Turn depends on getting all needed info


    More Info

  • Standard Fill Patterns

  • Customer comments


    417 Ingalls St. Unit C, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 831.426.6163 email:  info@artwork.com