Installing Tagger and Wirebond

The Tagger and Wirebond programs run as part of AutoCAD. Therefore, you must already have AutoCAD installed and configured prior to installing these programs.

AutoCAD Requirments

You need either AutoCAD 2000, 2000i or AutoCAD 2002.

You must have AutoCAD installed locally on your machine. Unfortunately, Tagger and Wirebond do not work if AutoCAD is loaded on a server - we are looking into the reason for this and will update the programs if and when it is possible to make them work in such an environment. You can, of course, have a network license for AutoCAD but your AutoCAD should be installed on a local drive and not shared with anyone else.

How Tagger is Packaged

There are three components to the Tagger / Wirebond program:

acslibXXX_2000.exe          library files used by all Artwork programs for AutoCAD 2000.
taggerXXX_2000.exe          the Tagger self installing program for AutoCAD 2000.
wirebondXXX_2000.exe        the Wirebond self installing program for AutoCAD 2000.

                            XXX indicates the version of the software.
                            the .exe is a self installing (Install Shield) executable.


  • Download the self installing exe acslibXXX_2000.exe for AutoCAD 2000. Save the file in a temporary directory.

  • Download the tagger.exe and wirebond.exe self installing .exe. Again, these file goes in the temporary directory.

  • Download the hostinfo2.exe program.

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