SWIFT  Automatic Wire Bonding Software

Package designers often would like to reuse an existing package with a new die but find that the time required to insert the new die and draw the new wire bonds is prohibitive. It seems that since you have a CAD database of both the package and the die this ought to be a simple automatic process!

With Artwork's SWIFT you can now automatically drop in a new die into an existing CAD drawing. SWIFT will then wirebond the part either fully automatically or following a netlist that associates the die pad to the ball or finger.

SWIFT includes an analysis module that checks each wire's length, angle and spacing and reports on any assembly rule violations.

A 16 page application note can be downloaded or viewed: SWIFT App Note 16 pages, 327 Kb

Detailed Topics

Preparing the Die Netlist
Adding Intelligence to BGA CAD Drawings
Adding Intelligence to Lead Frame Drawings
Automatic Wire Bonding

Installing SWIFT Network License
  Wire Analysis
Revision History

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