ACADto3Di Examples

The examples that follow should help new users to see how to draw and set up a 3D stackup. The AutoCAD drawing is provided along with the 3Di file and the stackup. Note: in most cases the metal and substrate thicknesses have been increased from their real life values to make the pictures nicer.

Download - 33 KB zipped.


64 Pin Quad Flat Pack

This is a relatively simple lead frame with a die placed on it and two tiers of wires - downbonds to the package paddle and signal wires to the fingers.

Quad Flat Pack (3D) seen using 3DVU


Quad Flat Pack (2D) seen using AutoCAD


The Stackup

The stackup is shown at right:



The Wire Profiles

Very simple wire models are used for both the downbonds and signal wires.

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