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ODB2GBR Command Line

Users can also run the ODB2GBR software from a command line.
The executable to do so is called odb2gbr_cmdlne.exe


Here is a sample command line you can use to convert the sample ODB++ file we include in our examples directory. (There are no returns in the command line -we've added them to fit on the page.)


odb2gdx64.exe -job:[odb_path] -outdir:[dir] -workdir:[dir] -step:[step[,l1,l2,..]] [OPTARGS]

c:\wcad\odb2gbr\odb2gbr_cmdlne.exe -job:odb_path [OPT ARGS]


odb2gdx64.exe -job:[odb_path] -outdir:[dir] -workdir:[dir] -step:[step[,l1,l2,..]] [OPTARGS]

Optional Arguments:

-h                                  :Get the usage information
-dbg[:[log_fname]]                  :Enable debugging
-log[:[log_fullpath]]               :Enable logging (default)
-nolog                              :Disable logging
-keep_tmpfiles                      :Keep temporary files
-non_std                            :Evaluate system defined attr
-nosropt                            :Disable Step-Repeat optimization
-nocopyin                           :Use/modify the ODB++ as is (must be writeable)
-netex                              :Read ODB++ nets
-userattr                           :Read ODB++ user attributes
-thrnum:[+thrnum_int_val]           :Set the max thread. Multi threads are used to convert multiple symbols or multiple layers
                                     into intermediate files, and in split274x post processing engine which writes the Gerber data.
-stepinfo:[step[,lyr1...]]          :Info a specific step(/layers)
-dont_traverse                      :Don't traverse step, used with -stepinfo
-steplist                           :Get the list of steps
-layerlist                          :Get the list of layers
-outinfo:[full_path]                :Set output fname used with -steplist|-layerlist|-stepinfo
-netlayers[:[full_path]]            :Get the list of steps and net specific layers
-gbr[:[gbr basename]]               :GBR output (default) (separate GBR per layer)
-gds[:[gds basename]]               :GDS output (separate GDSII per layer)
+gds[:[gds filename]]               :GDS output (combine layers into one GDSII)
-oas[:[oas basename]]               :OAS output (separate OAS per layer)
-mic[:[mic filename]]               :MIC output
-lyrastackup                        :Set GDSII layer as the stackup, used with +gds
-usegbrflow                         :Convert to GBR then MIC, used with -mic
-exclude:[stepnames]                :Set steps to be excluded
-excludel:[layernames]              :Set layers to be excluded
-window:[minx,miny,maxx,maxy]       :Set window clip (GDSII, OASIS, RIP only)
-gds_layer:[layer_int_val]          :Set GDSII layer output
-gds_struct:[struct_name]           :Set GDSII top structure output
-oas_modal                          :Set OASIS modal option on
-oas_sort                           :Set OASIS sort option on
-oas_grid:[grid_dbl_val]            :Set OASIS new grid
-oas_tile:[x,y]                     :Set OASIS tile (double val)
-oas_top2bot                        :Set OASIS top2bottom option on
-oas_scale:[scale_dbl_val]          :Set OASIS scale
-oas_angle:[0 | 90 | 180 | 270]     :Set OASIS angle
-oas_mirror:[none | x | y]          :Set OASIS mirror
-oas_trans:[none | auto]            :Set OASIS translate none or auto
-oas_trans:[explicit],[x,y]         :Set OASIS explicit translate (double val)
-oas_arg [args]                     :Set OASIS other arguments (end with -endarg)
-g2k_ver:[0|1|2|3]                  :Set genesis emulation version
-g2k_order:[0|1|2]                  :Set translation order (2 is no mirror)
-g2k_break_sr:[0|1|2]               :Set break SR on or off
-g2k_scale_mode:[1|2|3]             :Set scaling mode
-g2k_scalexy:[x,y]                  :Override .out_x_scale and .out_y_scale
-g2k_anchor:[0|1|2|3]               :Set anchor mode
-g2k_inch_anchor:[x,y]              :Set anchor inch value
-g2k_mm_anchor:[x,y]                :Set anchor mm value
-g2k_offset:[0|1|2|3|4|5]           :Set offset mode
-g2k_inch_offset:[x,y]              :Set offset inch value
-g2k_mm_offset:[x,y]                :Set offset mm value
-show_progress                      :Enable progress dialog
-unit:[mils|inch|um|mm|cm]          :Set the unit of conversion
                                     (GBR: inch/mm only, OAS: um only, MIC: not used)
-format:[dbl_val]                   :Set the format of conversion
-scale:[scale_dbl_val]              :Set the scale of conversion
-cir_map_min_cnt:[int_val]          :Minimum circ surface to convert into flash
-arcres:[dbl_val]                   :Set the arcres of conversion
-arcsag: [dbl_val]                   :Set the arcsag of conversion
-circularize:[dbl_val]              :Circularize arcs (gbr output)
-rotate:[0|90|180|270]              :Rotate (counterclockwise) the gbr output
-mirror:[x|y|xy]                    :Mirror (after rotating) the gbr output
-ply_arg [args]                     :Pass additional args for polygons (end with -endarg)
-circular                           :Set circular mode (mic output)
-keepzerow                          :Set zero width mode (mic output) symbols
-dropzerow                          :Drop zero width draws and flashes.
-odb_symbols                        :Use macro for user defined symbols
-explode_all                        :Explode all symbols (no macro)
-butting                            :Enable butting edge intead of cutline
-polyedge                           :Enable butting/cutline edge patch
-step_repeat                        :Enable step repeat on the files
-filter_text                        :Enable filtering out of text
-filter_barc                        :Enable filtering out of barcodes
-attrout:[attrname],[0|1]           :Output information of specified attrname
                                     convert nonzero pad (default:1)
-plotout                            :Output .orbotech_plot_stamp information
-attributeson                       :Enable attribute output
                                     (set by -attrout/-plotout by default)
-log_dyntxt_info                    :Output information regarding dynamic text
-cc_ir                              :Use counter clockwise rotation on IR
-out_scale:[default|sf|scale|local] :Set the out_scale mode of conversion
-njb[:[njb_fname]]                  :Create njb file
-engargs [args]                     :Pass additional args to odb2gdx (end with -endarg)

-netex                              :Create an output for Netex-G (along with njb:)
-njb:job.njb                        :Create job file and Gerber files for Netex-G

Example for Netex-G

Here is a sample command line you can use to convert the sample ODB++ file to Gerber along with the Netex-G job file.

                   -netex -njb:job.njb -step:pcb


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