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odb2gds64 Command line Usage

The ODB++2GDS translator can be run from a command line. The annotated sample below includes CR/LF between arguments but these are present only for clarity -- the command line has no CR/LF except at the very end.

odb2gds64.exe                    full path and name of executable  
  "-job:<input>"                 input=path/name of .tgz or path to top level of 
                                 ODB directory hierarchy
   "-workdir:<dir>"              dir=full path to working directory      
     "-outdir:<dir>"             dir=full path to output directory
       -step:<step[RDL1,RDL2,...]>  specify the desired step name followed by a list of
                                 layers to convert. If no layers are specified, then
                                 all layers will be converted.
          [optional arguments]   additional arguments

Additional Arguments

Command Line Help
-h                                Get a command line summary of arguments
                                  no execution.

Operation Controls
-thrnum:<+thrnum_int_val>         Set the max number of concurrent threads

-keep_tmpfiles                    Keep temporary files
-nosropt                          Disable Step-Repeat optimization
-nocopyin                         Use/modify the ODB++ as is (must be writeable)                              									  

Output Format and Options (either OAS or GDS)
-oas                              produce OASIS output (one file per ODB++ layer)

+oas[:<basename>]                 produce OASIS output - single file
                                  each ODB++ layer maps into an OASIS layer
-oas_compressed                   Compress OASIS output using CBLOCKs and modal

-oas_arg <args>                   Insert special OASIS related arguments after
                                  this argument. Close this section with

+gds[:<basename>]                 Generate GDSII output and
                                  combine ODB++ layers into one GDSII file.
                                  if not present, each ODB++ layer will
                                  generate its own GDSII file using the
                                  naming convention: odb_layer_name.gds
Layer and Step Control
-lyrmap:<fname>                   define layer mapping file;
                                  (use with +gds or +oas)
-exclude:<stepnames>              define steps to be excluded
-excludel:<layernames>            define layers to be excluded

Layermap Syntax                   odb_lyr_name gds_lyr_num
                                  odb_lyer_name gds_lyr_num:gds_datatype_num
                                  EXAMPLE           EXAMPLE
                                  RDL1 10           RDL1 10:20
                                  RDL2 11           RDL2 10:30

Window Selection
-window:<minx,miny,maxx,maxy>     defines a rectangular window for  
                                  clipping the output geometry. 

Conversion Control Options
-unit:<mils|inch|um|mm|cm>         Set the unit of conversion
-format:<dbl_val>                  Set the format of conversion
-scale:<scale_dbl_val>             Set the scale of conversion
-arcres:<dbl_val>                  Set the arcres of conversion
-arcsag:<dbl_val>                  Set the arcsag of conversion
-maxpts:<intval>                   Specify max points for surfaces
-butting                           Enable butting edge intead of cutline
-polyedge                          Enable butting/cutline edge patch
-filter_text                       Enable filtering out of text
-filter_barc                       Enable filtering out of barcodes
-cc_ir                             Use counter clockwise rotation on IR
-out_scale:<default|sf|scale|local> Set the out_scale mode of conversion

-dbg[:<log_fname>]                 Enable debugging
-log[:<log_fullpath>]              Enable logging (default)
-nolog                             Disable logging

G2K Options
-g2k_ver:<0|1|2|3>                 Set genesis emulation version
-g2k_order:<0|1|2>                 Set translation order (2 is no mirror)
-g2k_break_sr:<0|1|2>              Set break SR on or off
-g2k_scale_mode:<1|2|3>            Set scaling mode
-g2k_scalexy:<x,y>                 Override .out_x_scale and .out_y_scale
-g2k_anchor:<0|1|2|3>              Set anchor mode
-g2k_inch_anchor:<x,y>             Set anchor inch value
-g2k_mm_anchor:<x,y>               Set anchor mm value
-g2k_offset:<0|1|2|3|4|5>          Set offset mode
-g2k_inch_offset:<x,y>             Set offset inch value
-g2k_mm_offset:<x,y>               Set offset mm value

Passing Engine Arguments
-engargs <args>                    Pass args to odb2gdx (end with -end_arg)
-end_arg                           End of additional arguments