Aperture List Translators

It's a sad fact of life but standard RS274D Gerber does not include the required aperture list information inside of the file - you have to manually enter the apertures into our XGBRVU application (and also into the photoplotter of course...)

To make life easier we have written aperture translators for many of the popular applications that create Gerber including Cadence Allegro, Mentor BoardStation, Protel and PADs...

To invoke the aperture translator you must tell XGBRVU what kind of apeture list format you have on hand .... This is done from the opening button box.

For example, if you are loading in a Gerber file(s) generated by Mentor's BoardStation you would click on the MENTOR button. A dialog would pop open asking you for the name of the Mentor aperture file. XGBRVU would load this file and translate it into Artwork's own aperture list format on-the-fly. The user need not manually enter anything.

RS274X/MDA Embedded Formats

Of course, if you can make your applications create either RS274X or MDA (Fire 9000) format, then you are home free. These advanced formats embedd the aperture and other information right in the file header where XGBRVU can extract it automatically.

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