The nets section is used to label nets. The Gerber files have no net information and NETEX will build the nets and assign each an arbitrary name such as NET-1, NET-2 and so on. Very often one knows the actual net name and some point on the net -- for example, one may know the net name and a bond finger coordinate that connects to that net.

This section is optional. If you don't have any labels for your nets then it need not appear. The name automatically generated by NETEX-G will be used in the output file.

Also note that if incosistencies in the labeling are encountered (such as the same physical net being assigned to different names) a message will appear in the output log file.

In the NJB file the nets section looks as follows:

CLOCK5  568.0 678.9  2
VSS     309.4 556.8  2
VCC     209.5 608.5  2

Column Definitions

Column 1 - net name. limit it to 32 characters and do not use spaces or special characters other than: ( ) - _ [ ]

Column 2,3 - coordinates. enter an X,Y point that falls anywhere on the net you wish to label. This must be in the units that match your input Gerber files (i.e. inches or mm)

Column 3 - stackup layer. enter the stackup position where the program should look for the net. It doesn't make sense to enter a stackup position that represents a dielectric.

The net section must begin with b_nets and end with e_nets.


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