Download HP2GBR for UNIX or DOS

To download HP2GBR for UNIX or DOS click on the appropriate binary. Then send us an email or call our office to request key codes. We will return the installation password and temporary activation keys so that you can try out the working version of HP2GBR for a limited time. If you are an existing customer please indicate this.

Example Email

Dear Hagai,

I would like to evaluate your HP2GBR program on Sun 
running Solaris 2.51.  I've already downloaded it with the 

My machine's hostname=bogusboy

my machine's hostid = 20056789ab    

I plan to use the program to view GDSII data without the
need to tie up an expensive Cadence license.

Thanks much,

John Boy
International Harvtin and IC Design
10087 Champion Way Bldg 43
Topeka Kansas 09323
Tel (450) 132-2213   Fax (450) 132-2113

Files to Download (for DOS)


[2.5 Mb zipped] password required

[2.2 Mb zipped] password required

[6.4 Mb zipped] password required

[.6 Mb zipped] password required

Unzipping on UNIX

The UNIX releases are zipped using a version of unzip that supports passwords. If your version of unzip does not support passwords please download the version available below:

[500 kbytes]
[375 kbytes]

[375 kbytes]
untar it into your /usr/local/bin or somewhere in your PATH. Once installed in your PATH you can simply use it by typing:

$ unzip filename

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