GBRVU/X is a legacy program and no longer offered. It has been replaced with GBRUnion.

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GBRVU/X has as additional menu option: Xtrt. Use this when
you wish to extract a portion of your Gerber file to AutoCAD's
DXF file format.

GBRVU/X is a special version of GBRVU that enables one to extract a selected portion of the Gerber file to AutoCAD's DXF file format. This enables a mechanical designer to inspect a Gerber file (or files) and to only translate the data he needs - minimizing the size of the DXF file and time required to load it into AutoCAD.

The DXF output of GBRVU/X has been specifically flavored to work with Ansoft's 2D parasitic modeling software. A primary use of the extract module is to get a part of a circuit board layout (via Gerber) into Ansoft's analysis tools. GBRVU/X Tutorial for Windows

Suppose you wanted to convert the part U3 to DXF for documentation purposes. Zoom and Pan until you can see U3 clearly on the screen. Click on Xrt. Then click on Include. You will be prompted to draw a window on the screen. Anything crossing the window will be "included" in your output file.

Using the mouse, select the area to extract.

Every entity that crosses the window is now highlighted. Also note that the command menu offers you several additional choices:

Include - Add another crossing window
Exclude - Remove anything that crosses this window
Genxrt - Generate the DXF file
Cancel - Cancel the extraction process

You can specify up to 10 include/exclude windows as needed. You can also pan and zoom between include/exclude windows.

Once you are satisfied with your selection, set click on Genxrt and enter the name of the DXF file.

There are several options for the DXF output. Select the one that is most useful for your application.

Loading the DXF file into AutoCAD or other application shows which elements were selected. The layer inforamtion is preserved - data from each Gerber file is stored in it's own layer. Here we show the DXF file u3.dxf loaded into Artwork's VU2D DXF viewer.


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