GBRUTIL Revision History

This page documents the revisions made to the GBRUTIL. Please consult it to determine if you are running the current version and to see what fixes/enhancements have been made to the program.

GBRUTIL V2.18 10/19/2016

Bug Fix to Offset Control

The internal usage of the offset argument passed to the boolean components was incorrect. This has been fixed.

GBRUTIL V2.17 09/13/2016

Bug Fix

Second file offset and use of a window together were not working as expected. Data outside the specified window was removed before the second file was shifted. The shift is now applied first, then the window clipping is applied.

Bug Fix

Long File Names were not properly supported in all cases due to the size of the internal buffers for such names (in particular with the launch of the Gerber viewer.) This has been fixed.

Boolean Bug Fix

The Boolean engine was crashing when it encountered input files that were either zero bytes in size, or which had zero extents. This condition is now trapped and no crash occurs.

GBRUTIL V2.15d 3/14/2016

Software updates

Optimized XOR of nearly or totally identical files.
XOR with differing data extents is handled.
Missing XOR data from customer files. This has now been fixed.

GBRUTIL V2.15b 11/4/2015

Offset Issue

This fixes Gbrutil's inabilitty to apply an XY offset when performing a boolean operation.

GBRUTIL V2.15e 6/21/2016

Updated License Modules

Floating licensing scheme has been fixed for the following features:
Gbrutil (boolw32f.exe, bool64f.exe, gbrcomp.exe, gbrcomp64.exe)
The wrong libraries were linked into the components mentioned above. This has now been fixed.
The problem manifested itself on certain license servers depending on the version of that flexlm server (e.g. v11.13).

GBRUTIL V2.15a 4/7/2015

Batch File Error

Whenever the GUI is run with keep mode off, set in preferences, the shell mistakenly reported that the batch file did not exist. This problem was introduced in the previous version, v2.15 (03/19/15), and has now been fixed.

GBRUTIL V2.15 4/1/2015

Support new ACS Softkey Licensing

All customers wishing to use ACS Softkey Licensing will require a uniform supplemental soft key kit, a customer vendor key file, and two static vendor files.

Note to Nagai-san: You should carry out the following instructions to properly compile and use the soft key license test program.

  • You will receive an email with a link to download soft key kit. Install soft key kit after this installation.
  • This same email will contain a zip file called which contains:
              File Name           Description Instructions
              ---------           ----------- ------------
              vkf.txt             Vendor Key File       Place in 
                                  (Expires 04/01/2018)  or wherever else desired, VKF_Directory.
              acsvendor_s.lib     32 bit Softkey Lib    Place in 
  • Open solution file in /softkey_sample_vs2008 using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and compile win32 and x64 target platforms.
  • Run softkeyshel.exe or softkeyshell64.exe in a similar manner as indicated below.
                  "Installation_Directory\274xormgr.exe" Program_Arguments
              Note that Gbrutil.exe can also be launched this way.
  • Read \documentation\oem_readme.txt for more detailed instructions.
  • Added Optimizations

    Xoring has been conditioned to work faster by detecting identical aspects between two files and removing them from XOR Boolean operations.

    Step and Repeated items are unionized for one instance before instantiating the arrayed placements.

    Support 64 bit Execution Calls

    Support 64 bit Execution Calls

    GUI Revisions (Gbrutil.exe)

    Maxpoints is Defaulted to 8000 instead of 4000.
    Fixed Handling of 1 Warning Program return code of 1 was considered an error. This has been fixed to mean one warning.
    Batch Mode is Disabled for ACS Softkey Licensing.


    Standard Licensing (Flex + Sentinel USB ) is Added to 274xormgr.exe

    Fixed Problem with Differing Gerber Format Specifications. When a format specification for a Gerber file was found to be too high, the file was scaled incorrectly. This has now been fixed.

    Support Files with Internal Layers (LPD or LPC), Numbering 65535.

    GBRUTIL V2.13 10/9/2013

    64 Bit

    This release uses a 64bit executable if ran from a 64bit machine to avoid memory limitations.

    GBRUTIL V2.08 2/23/2010

    Dropped data

    In cases where an input has more than one layer polarity, the XOR stage requires that such input be unionized. The problem was that the unionization stage was passing bad data that was not validated and subsequently dropped. This has now been fixed.

    GBRUTIL V2.04 2/23/2008

    Crash fix during Boolean intersection

    This fixes the program crash encountered with boolean intersections.

    GBRUTIL V2.02 4/24/2008

    GBRUTIL to GBRUTIL- New features

    The name of the Gerber Compare software was changed to Gerber Util. Other than the XOR operation (compare), GBRUTIL can also perform other boolean operations between two files like AND, OR.

    GBRUTIL V1.16 12/20/06

    Bug with files that had over 60 internal layers

    The layer manager was fixed to supports Gerber files that contained over 60 internal layers of paint/scratch.

    GBRUTIL V1.14 2/8/06

    Improved communication between GUI and Engine

    In some cases, a pop up window will stop the compare process because of mis communication between the GUI and engine. This has been fixed. This fix also improved the speed of the software.

    GBRUTIL V1.15 3/8/06

    XOR bug

    A fix to the XOR engine.

    GBRUTIL V1.14 2/8/06

    Improved communication between GUI and Engine

    In some cases, a pop up window will stop the compare process because of mis communication between the GUI and engine. This has been fixed. This fix also improved the speed of the software.

    GBRUTIL V1.13 7/28/05

    Two Gerber files with different precision Format

    When one file, for example, had 3.5 format and another had 2.4, the program failed to finish completely. This has now been fixed..

    Scratch commands in custom apertures

    Custom apertures are now always booleanized before checking file differences.

    GBRUTIL V1.11 2/1/05

    File names with spaces

    GBRUTIL had problems with filenames containing spaces and extra periods. It is now fully long filename compatible.

    GBRUTIL V1.10 11/15/04

    Improved Reporting

    Better, more friendly summary view and reporting: Comparison results are now built right into the jobs list and a View Report button added.

    Multiple Operations Added to Job Dialog

    Added multiple-job operations: remove selected, remove all, compare selected, and compare all

    Bug Fix - Output Corruption

    Under certain circumstances, the output Gerber file had extra binary data (garbage) after the end of the file (M02).

    XOR Engine Update

    The XOR comparison engine has been updated to correct bugs reported since the last revision.

    Speed Improvement

    A number of unnecessary steps have been removed in the comparison process, resulting in improvements in comparison speed.

    Long filename Fix

    Fixes to the long file name support have been made after problems reported by end users traced to very long directory paths.

    Progress Bar More Informative

    The progress bar now displays the number of jobs completed -- "job #/# on its title bar".

    License Status in About Dialog

    the "About" dialog now displays licensing information which can be helpful in debugging licensing problems.

    Fixed Bug When Empty Input File Selected

    If an input Gerber file was selected that was "empty" the program would go into an infinite loop attempting to read the data. This has been fixed.

    GBRUTIL V1.06 09/05/04

    Multiple File Compare

    This version modifies the user interface to allow for a group of files to be compared. In many cases, the designer needs to compare mutliple Gerber files (one per layer) for two designs. This version supports both identical file names (when located in different directories) and different file names.

    GBRUTIL V1.04 08/13/04

    Input Filename Collision

    Fixes a bug when the user specifies two different files that have the same file name but are located in different diretories. [reported by LSI Logic]

    Complex Boundary Bug Fix

    Fixes a bug in the output data when very large complex boundaries were encountered. Boundaries with greater than 4096 vertices were previously corrupted in the output. [reported by LSI Logic]

    GBRUTIL V1.03a 07/15/04

    GBRVU Display

    this enhances the call to GBRVU so that when viewing the XOR (difference) data with one of the input files: 1) input files are a single solid color, 2)XOR file is displayed last so it is not covered by the input file.

    large polygon fix

    corrects an error that occured when comparing two polygons with very large vertex count - the resulting high count output polygon was clipped -- the new output formatter now correctly supports very high vertex count polygons. (Reported by LSI Logic)

    GBRUTIL V0.90 05/24/04

    Initial Beta Release

    this is the initial beta release. It does not include the ability to offset the coordinates of the two input files. You must install GBRVU/W version 2.63H (or later) first, in order to use GBRUTIL.

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