DRL2LSR Revision History

This page documents the revisions made to the DRL2LSR program. Please consult it to determine if you are running the current version and to see what fixes/enhancements have been made to the program.

v1.02 09/16/2015

Changes per Jeff Su

skip G80 section resume at G81
A sample file supplied by Nanosys included

Since G80 was not a recognized command it was skipped and the XY command was interpreted as a drill.

scan option outputs drill extents information

The scan option now supplies the extents of the data. This is useful for confirming that the correct drill parameters have been used.

Output Format for Laser File Modified

The output format for the laser file is now set to 2.4 for inch, or 3.3 for mm

Syntax Change

The BLOCK center coordinate moved to the next line per request of Jeff Su.

Syntax Change

Per Jeff Su - drill coordinates are now to be A,B instead of U,V or I,J. the laser type (UV or CO2) argument is no longer needed and has been removed.

v1.01 08/30/2015

Bug Fixes

Bug fix in Y coordinate usage.

Enhanced Serpentine

Modified the serpentine algorithm to adjust band height based on drill pattern.

Overall Offset Added

Added an offset parameter

v1.00 08/25/2015

Initial Release

Version 1.00 is the initial release of drl2lsr.exe for Windows.

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