Aperture Translator

Gerber files are normally accompanied by an aperture list. Unfortunately no standard was ever established for the format and syntax of the aperture list so each application uses it's own syntax and format.

This results in the user having to manually convert from one format to another and can be time consuming and error prone.

We've tried to simplify our user's life by writing a stand alone aperture list translator which reads popular formats and converts them into Artwork's .apt format.

You can download this translator freely, install and use it. There is no security or other limitation. (to be honest, it is only useful to user's of Artwork's GBRVU, GBR2DXF etc....)







2.55 MBytes, self installing .exe for W95/NT

197 KBytes, for AIX

1.15 MBytes, for SunOS

153 KBytes, for Solaris

220 KBytes, for HPUX

Aptgen Manual PDF 62KB

Supported Aperture Formats
Application File
Mentor BoardStation .apr User's often customize this file so insure that it matches the sample.
PADS .rep the rep file lacks format, zero suppression and absolute/incremental data. This info will have to entered separtely. Also the rep format groups all special apertures into a basic type called odd...there is no way for our translator to know what shape is meant by odd.
Allegro various more and more Allegro users are creating 274X which embeds the aperture list. For RS274D (4XXX and 6XXXX) Allegro divides the required info into two files: a parameter file and an aperture file.

Revision Information

1.07 12-02-2000

Allegro Thermal Support
This version supports various Allegro format thermal specifications. Older versions would just translated Allegro thermals to rounds.

1.04 12-10-1998

Allegro Metric Unit
Older versions would treat allegro unit as inch if the keyword in the allegro file is MM instead of METRIC, and generate dcode sizes 1000 times too small. This has been fixed.