SGEN LCD Advanced Settings

If you have selected the LCD flow option (only possible when the input file is GDSII) then the following settings will be displayed:

Settings dialog for LCD flow

Working Dir

Thread Num

Show Progress

Keep Temp

Open Args

Arc Resolution

Chord Error

User Grid


Max Points


polygon output options

LCD Specific Controls

The parameters that follow are specific to the LCD flow in order to optimize the output GDSII file for rasterization.

Vertex Count

The maximum number of vertices in a structure (exploded count). GDSCompact analyzes structures and if they are heavily nested it can explode some or all of the nested instances as long as such flattening does not exceed the maximum number of vertices.

Span Length (um)

A parameter that determines the "side" of a square region. The hierarchy in this region will be exploded and the SFGEN program will attempt to find geometries in this region that repeat in other regions. Picking to small a value (i.e. smaller than the dimensions of repeating geometries) will result in poor optimization for the rasterizer; picking too large a value can result in SFGEN requiring very long processing time.

The following parameters are normally used with the GDSCompact option. However GDSCompact option was designed for a very specific rasterizer and this option should not be selected unless your rasterizer behaves in a particular fashion. Please contact Artwork before using the GDSCompact option.

Arc Recovery



Quad Length (um) D | X,Y

Quad Array Length

LCD Arguments