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Group A (33:0) - Group B (33:20)

In the previous page, we showed the QisLibMT flow where two child threads independently pulled the geometries crossing our clipping window - the first thread pulled geometries from layer 33:0 and the second thread pulled geometries from layer 33:20. Now that we've got our data from the two source layers, we can use the QisMBool to subtract one layer from the other to produce our derived layer.

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Boolean Function Flow get_api_extension note Create Instance note Binary MT Note


Get_api_extension: QisMBool can be called as an extension to the qismlib.so library.

Create Instance - this creates an instance of QisMBool.

Binary MT - The function that does the work. Parameters include the array of A group of vectors (and the number of vectors in the coordinate array), same for the second group, a handle to a Boolean settings object; the Boolean operation code, in this case: OP_DIFFERENCE=2, a pointer to where the results should go.

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