ClipExtract Licensing

ClipExtract consists of three internal libraries - QisLib_MT, QisBool and ACSRaster. Each of these libraries has multi-threaded capability though ACSRaster runs only in single threaded mode since it processes a polygons at time.

In order to price ClipExtract for both small and large applications, we price it based on the maximum number of concurrent exploder threads plus what we call processor threads.

Required License Strings

1 - QisLib_MT (11003)
N - ClipExtract (31209)

where N is the number of concurrent explosion threads.

Direct Access to Library

The features above do not provide direct access to the QisLib_MT exploders or the QISBool Boolean. If direct access to those libraries is wanted licenses for the following product ID's need to be generated (must generate N licenses for N concurrent threads):

QisMBool (11047)
QisMExplode (11027)

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