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QisMCorrX Extension Library

The QisMCorrX extension library is intended to enable a user to "correct" layout data based on measurements of the difference between a feature's defined location (in the CAD data) and its actual measured location. The most common application is when imaging a substrate whose dimensions may have changed during processing, temperature changes or mechanical stress.

the internals of the CorrX object

Figure 1 - internals of the CorrX object.


  1. The client defines a "view" (a combination of cell, layer(s) and window) along with correction coordinates and deltas. The correction object uses the exploder to extract polygons from the database produced when the input layout was processed. contained in this view. Alternatively, the client can populate a buffer with polygons and pass those polygons directly to the binlinear processor.

  2. Multiple bilinear compute engines can be run in parallel within a single correction object.

  3. Multiple correction objects can be run concurrently to improve throughput (subject to license limitations)

  4. The output polygon from the bilinear engine is returned to the client via a callback function. These polygons are typically stored in a memory buffer.

  5. The polygons in the output memory buffer are often then directed to another object: raster, Boolean or Write depending on the user's application.


QisMCorrections Exec

A command line executable that exercises the library. Quick approach to testing throughput and fucntionality


Windows - Win 7/10/11
64 bit version

Linux - RHEL5 64 or later
(and equivalents)