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Installing Qckvu3 on Linux

This covers the download, installation script and licensing on Linux of Qckvu3 viewer.


Create the Installation Directory

Create the directory where you wish to place the layout viewer and copy or otherwise move the downloaded .tar file to that directory. In this example we are installing it into a directory called: /home/cad/qckvu3.

$ pwd

$ ls -l
-rwxr--r--  1 stevedb users 2062880 Aug 4 13:44 qckvu3.rh4amd64.linux.v317.tar

Extract the Installation Package

The next step is to extract (or untar) the installation package.

$ tar xvf q*.tar


Other than utilities and scripts, the installation files are compressed into a zip file. This zip file is encrypted with a password that you will need to enter. The standard gzip will not be able to open this zip file.

Password and License String(s)

Before starting the install you should have already have on hand both the installation password and license strings for your machine. Make sure you have both the installation password handy and the license keys handy.

In this example the install password is denmark50 (but the password changes regularly) and the we are using a floating network license manager (that has already been installed)

The INSTALL Script

Now, from the same directory that you unpacked the tar file, run the INSTALL script provided.

$ pwd

$ ls -l
-rwxr-xr-x  1 stevedb users     2379 Jul 31 18:48 INSTALL
-rw-r--r--  1 stevedb users 20602880 Aug  4 13:44 qckvu3.rh4amd64.linux.v317.tar
drwxr-xr-x  3 stevedb users     4096 Aug  4 13:44 tools
drwxr-xr-x  2 stevedb users     4096 Aug  4 13:44 zipimage


Artwork Conversion Software - Qckvu3 Installation
www.artwork.com  info@artwork.com  (831)426-6263

Install Qckvu3 version 3.17? (y/n)y

Unzipping program files into the bin directory...

Archive:  ../zipimage/qckvu3.rh4amd64.linux.v317.zip
[../zipimage/qckvu3.rh4amd64.linux.v302.zip] checkver password: *******

Assuming you correctly typed in the password, a whole bunch of files (about 90 MB worth) will be installed in directories below the current one. Most of these files are actually Open Access libraries. I've removed much of the file listing and only shown some fragments below

  creating: DEMO5.OPENACCESS/
  inflating: DEMO5.OPENACCESS/.oalib  
  inflating: DEMO5.OPENACCESS/f000000001  
  inflating: DEMO5.OPENACCESS/f000000002  
  inflating: DEMO5.OPENACCESS/f000000003  
  inflating: DEMO5.OPENACCESS/f000000004  

inflating: checkver                
  inflating: colfill.pat             
  inflating: demo5.gds               
  inflating: demo5.oas               
  inflating: gdsfont.shx             
  inflating: gdsplot.map             
  inflating: hostinfo                
  inflating: liblayerdlg64.so        
  inflating: liseater    

creating: openaccesslib/
   creating: openaccesslib/bin/
  inflating: openaccesslib/bin/def2oa  
  inflating: openaccesslib/bin/lef2oa  
   creating: openaccesslib/bin/linux_rhel30_64/

 inflating: openaccesslib/license/V4.0_OA_IUR.pdf  
  inflating: qckvu3                  
  inflating: qckvu3.bash             
  inflating: readgds                 
 extracting: version.txt             
  inflating: xhostinfo               

For new install, you need to install keycodes to activate Qckvu3.
For upgrade, you do not need to reinstall keycodes.

Install keycodes? (y/n)y   


This product can be licensed using either network or node locked
licensing schemes.  Each scheme uses a different keycode format:

a) FLEXlm licenses use a proprietary format. You should obtain and
   install a FLEXlm license on your license server before performing
   this step.

b) Node lock license strings are in the form of:
   - Seven 7-character strings on a line begin with token: !#ACS. (e.g)


Install for (a)network or (b)node lock licensing? (a/b)a

Licensing Report

* You have chosen to use the FLEXlm license manager.
  You should have already installed a valid FLEXlm
  network license for this product before performing 
  this step.

* License Availability:
  5 GDSII licenses available.
  5 OpenAccess licenses available.
  5 OASIS licenses available.
  5 OpenAccess-Boolean licenses available.

Qckvu3 Installation Finished
Qckvu3 Install - [PASSED] Qckvu3 v3.02
Keycodes Install - [PASSED] 4 products activated
  5 GDSII licenses available.
  5 OpenAccess licenses available.
  5 OASIS licenses available.
  5 OpenAccess-Boolean licenses available.

Run tools/hostinfo to generate host information for licensing.

Run the script /home/cad/qckvu3/bin/qckvu3 from a working directory with write permission.

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Executing the Layout Viewer

To run the viewer one needs certain directories in the LD_LIBRARY path. The provided script sets up these paths and is located in the bin directory. You also need to start up the script from a directory with write permission (this is a requirement of OA.)

The script is:


You can, of course, add these directories permanently to the user's environment and dispense with the script.

To test whether everything is working as expected, go to the examples directory and execute the script. There is a test GDSII database called DEMO5.GDS you can use.

asmsc37:stevedb: $ pwd

asmsc37:stevedb: $ cd examples
asmsc37:stevedb: $ /home/cad/qckvu3/bin/qckvu3

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