Server Side Details

Once the recipe engineer has selected a target location the relevant file name, cell name, layer list, coordinate and bitmap resolution are sent to a central server which collects requests for bitmaps. It uses a queue to hold the requests (since there may be multiple recipe engineers running multiple copies of the recipe app) and then sends each request to Artwork's rasterizer.

Again, since the customer's recipe server is written in C# a library is needed to act as a communication link between the recipe server and Artwork's rasterizer.

server side block diagram

BitmapGenCom DLL Interface

Type Name Description
CLASS FactoryBitmapGenCom Initializes and provides access to the BitmapGenCom object.
FUNCTION GetInstance Returns the handle to the BitmapGenCom object.
CLASS IBitmapGenCom Interface to generate a monochrome bitmap image from the layout using the supplied parameters.
FUNCTION ExtractBitmapByFilePath Generate a monochrome bitmap from a GDSII/OASIS file for a specified view cell, set of layers, a specified width, height and resolution
FUNCTION OpenFile Load a GDSII/OASIS file into the rasterizer.
FUNCTION ExtractBitmap Used if multiple bitmaps from a single layout are wanted.
FUNCTION SetLogger Specify a client for log/error/warning messages.

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