Running Calibre RVE with Qckvu cont...

Browsing the Error File

Once the error database and the GDSII file have been loaded you can browse the error database using Calibre RVE. In the image at right we are open a particular cell to examine errors specific to that cell.

  Calibre RVE's Error viewer

Viewing a Specific Error

Now that we see the various errors associated with this cell, we can select one for viewing. RVE will send a TCP/IP command to Qckvu to tell it where to go and also to display a highlight outline of the error.

  Using RVE we have drilled down to the individual errors for this cell

Highlighted Error in Qckvu

Once Qckvu receives the command from RVE it navigates to the specified location and displays that region along with a an outline of the error as defined by RVE.

  Qckvu highlighting the error defined by RVE

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