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Qckvu is a high speed GDSII stream viewer intended for designers that need to view IC databases from a few megabytes to 50 gigabytes and more.

It has been optimized to load very large files quickly into memory and then to display the desired structure, layers and window coordinates selected by the designer.

Qckvu/W has been optimized to run on Windows NT and 2000.


  • View GDSII files of Size > 1 GB in      Minutes - not Hours.

  • Full support for GDSII data types.

  • New Scripting Language

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  • qckvu for Windows
    Qckvu's easy to use interface and blazing speed make it an ideal tool for viewing and debugging large IC layouts.

    Toolbar Overview
    Layer Colors and Fills
    Measure Critical Dimensions
    Info about Cells and Geometries
    Controlling Display Detail
    Fill or Outline Display
    Hierarchical View
    Selecting Structure to View
    Extracting a Window to GDSII
    Go to Specified Coordinates

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