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Extract a Window to GDSII - Page 1

Suppose you need to pull out only a tiny part of a very large chip design for a special analysis. How to do it? Use Qckvuís new Extract function.

Just zoom into the area you want, turn off the display for anything you donít want to see and select the Create tool.

With the standard key codes, you will be able to extract a window out of the GDSII file. With our Extract Add on codes, you will be able to extract a polygon out of the GDSII file and also clip the data to the polygon or window edge of your choice.

Draw a window on the display. Anything crossing the window gets pulled into a new, smaller GDSII file.

A 30 MB full chip design with 21 layers and 500 structures. You want to analyze only a small part of the design.

Zoom into the area to extract. Only data that is displayed will be extracted. After selecting Extract and assigning an name to the new file, draw a window. Anything crossing the window or inside it will be written to the new GDSII file.

The new file: Instead of 500 structures and 21 layers you have 1 structure and 10 layers. The original file exceeded 30 MB - the extracted file is 12 KBytes. It took 2 seconds to extract.

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