The NETEX Technology File

The technology file defines the stackup of metal, via, poly and contact layers that are used to calculate the physically connected nets.

Additionally, the tech file defines layer or layers of text that can be used to mark nets and nodes on the conductor layers.

Some of the information in the technology file is not needed by NETEX but is used by other programs such as OEA's Extraction tools that might share the same technology file.

Conductor Stackup

# Order Layerno Name    Type
   1      10   poly       P 
   2      30   contact    C
   3      31   metal1     M
   4      32   via1       V
   5      33   metal2     M
   6      34   via2       V
   7      35   metal3     M
   8      36   via3       V
   9      37   metal4     M

netex stackup

    GDSII layer number is not an indication of a layer's process. You must have access to the "tech" file provided by the foundry to know which GDSII layer represents which process layer.

Net and Node Text Layers

Text in the GDSII file can be used to name the nets or nodes. The string of text represents the net or node name (depending on how the text layer is classified in the technology file) and it is associated with a conductor layer. This enables you to specify an extraction by name, or to to name the nets using the text layer.

text mapping

# TEXTLAYER text  text   cond   type
#           name  layer  layer (0-1-2) 
TEXTLAYER   m1txt   41     33      1
TEXTLAYER   m2txt   42     33      1
TEXTLAYER   m3txt   43     35      1
TEXTLAYER   m4txt   44     37      1
TEXTLAYER   m5txt   45     37      1
TEXTLAYER m50txt    50     31      2
TEXTLAYER m51txt    51     31      2
TEXTLAYER m52txt    52     33      2
TEXTLAYER m53txt    53     35      2

# TYPE (0=none,1=net,2=node)
  screen shot of text mapping