Netex Revision History

This page documents the revisions made to the Netex for Windows and Unix program. Please consult it to determine if you are running the current version and to see what fixes/enhancements have been made to the program.

NETEX v1.88 (Windows)   8/24/2007

Layer and Datetpye problem at Sun

Case 16 from Sun Microsystems was fixed. Annotations in NODECELLs failed to properly be associated with certain LAYER and DATATYPE combinations.

NETEX v1.84d (Windows)   2/28/2007

Engine update

updated netexi.exe engine (without the MSVCRTD.DLL dependency).

NETEX v1.84b (Windows)   1/31/2007

Licensed output feature

GDSII/ASCII, ANF, and XFL are now disabled/enabled depending on the license.

NETEX v1.84a (Windows)   11/29/2006

Import Node/Net from File

The parser was fixed - it did not like consecutive spaces as delimiters.

XFL Output was Fixed

The component insertion coordinates (derived from node definitions) was fixed - data not scaled correctly.

NETEX v1.84    10/30/2006

New exploder

New GDSII exploder has a few bug fixes and speed improvements.

Windows and Solaris versions

The version is available now on both Solaris and Windows.

NETEX v1.82    08/22/2006

Windows GUI Fixes

Several fixes were made to the GUI related to opening and editing of the config and tech file and other options that did not set the correct entries in the CFG or TECH files.

NETEX v1.81    08/15/2006

Windows Update

The Windows version of NETEX (with GUI) was updated to reflect changes made to the Solaris version including the addition of XFL and ANF outputs.

NETEX v1.79     12/15/2005

New XFL Output

With the proper license code, you can now export Optimal's XFL format directly from NETEX.

New ANF Output

With the proper license code, you can now export Ansoft's ANF format directly from NETEX.

NETEX v1.76     10/15/2005

New NETEXMGR command line option -merge_nets

This new command line option disables the collection of physically distinct nets with the same net name into the same net; this option generates new net names for these nets, i.e. if three physically seperate nets make up VSS, then the output corresponding to these these nets will be called VSS, VSS_DUP_1, and VSS_DUP_2

New NETEXMGR command line option -add_net_text

This new command line option inserts the GDSII TEXT into the output nets for named nets; this text will not necessarily have the same presentation as the original GDSII TEXT in the GDSII file being analysed, but the TEXT string and insertion point will be preserved.

NETEX v1.07     12/12/01

NETEX now supports:

1. LAYER and DATATYPE discrimination.

2. it preserves a stack up scheme consistent with LI like data; there are two ways to do this.

3. No layer information is lost in the output file, previously GDS layers with the same PHYSICAL ORDER were merged into a single GDS layer in the output, now layering is preserved.

NETEX v1.06     10/01/2001

A check box, labeled "Test Point Mode", was added to compute nets by initially scanning a configuration file for all of its test points and generating a GDS file composed of nets from only those test points. When this box is not set, it reverts back to the original behavior, which is to collect all the nets.

NETEX v1.06     09/13/2001

The shell was mistakingly saving last run information when it should have omitted this output when the user manually specifies to save it.

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