Netex Output Formats

NETEX can produce different output formats depending on your target use. Output format is controlled by the command line argument -outputformat:


output is GDSII Stream. This is the default. Note that no matter what output is requested, a GDSII stream file must be produced by NETEX to store results.


output is OEA's NETAN format (ASCII)


output is Ansoft's ANF Format


output is Optimal's XFL Format

GDSII Stream

GDSII is the default output from NETEX. Each net is grouped into its own structure or cell. All of the conductors for that net are in the cell named for the net.


OEA's NETAN format is an ascii format and is organized by net. Geometries are fractured into rectangles or trapezoids depending on the options used when requesting the OEA output. This format is used primarily by OEA's NETAN field solver.

Ansoft ANF

Ansoft's ANF (Ansoft Neutral File) can be read directly by some Ansoft products and must be loaded into Ansoft Links to produce files for other of Ansoft's products. It is an ASCII format and supports geometries, named nets, vias and layer stackup.

Optimal XFL

Optimal's XFL format is read directly by Optimal's O-model field solver and PowerGrid tools. This is an ascii format and supports net names, geometries, vias and such.