Downloading Netex Windows


Download Netex for Windows from this page. To install it you will need:

a password to run the installation program.

a key string that authorizes the program to run.


These can be obtained by sending email to Artwork requesting an evaluation. If you are already a customer and downloading an upgrade you should only need the latest password as your keystrings should be valid for upgrades.

For evaluations, please provide full information on your company, address and email. We will not issue passwords/keystrings without the full contact information.

  Example Email

Dear Steve or Hagai,

I would like to evaluate Netex for Windows program.
Please send me the install password and temporary key 
strings for my machine.

I got my machine's id by running the 
v8_lmtools.exe license utility (below)

ethernet address= 0x33a4508000
disk serial number = 5a33bd04

Thanks much,

John Boy  
International Harvesting and IC Design
10087 Champion Way Bldg 43
Topeka Kansas 09323
Tel (450) 132-2213  Fax (450) 132-2113


netexi.win32.v190.exe 31MB 03/4/09 (GUI version)
netex_manual.pdf Netex Windows manual, PDF format.

711 KB; run this utility to determine your machine's ethernet address and disk serial number. Once the program opens click on the system tab and copy/paste the ethernet address and disk serial number to your email.

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